Do’s and Don’ts: Senior Year

By Mary Granath Posted March 3, 2010

Do expand your horizons: Of your high school years, senior year is the one during which to try new things. Contrary to popular belief, your senior year ends up being one of the less stressful times, a perfect time to start exploring what else is out there.

Don’t try to do everything: During your senior year, you’ll find yourself saying, ‘but I have to do this because it’s my senior year and it’s my last chance. If you continue doing things simply because you think it’s your last chance, your senior year will end up being quite hectic.

Do stay for class meetings: This is the best time to become informed on what’s going on within your class and how you can help. Usually held in the mornings during Round Up, 15 minutes isn’t much of your senior class officers to ask from you.

Do go to the Career Center: Mrs. Brooks will become your best friend during senior year so learn to appreciate her knowledge. The Career Center will become your new home as you fill out scholarships and learn about college.

Don’t take seven classes: If you don’t have to. Instead, have either sixth or seventh period to use as a time to work on scholarships, college applications, and homework. This year, I took sixth off because if I had taken it at the end of the day I would have been tempted to go home instead of finishing my work.

Don’t only take easy classes: Having some challenging classes mixed in with your schedule will infuse your day with energy and better prepare you for college.

Don’t take things for granted: Learn to appreciate the experiences you’ve been able to have and the opportunities still ahead of you. Be thankful for those who support you, and don’t worry too much about the future. Instead live every moment of your senior year to the fullest because before you know it, it’s gone.

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