AOI: Dana Pardovich

AOI: Dana Pardovich

By Brooklyn Thomas Posted April 28, 2010

Junior Dana Pardovich has been chosen as the Athlete of the Issue, for her skills on the softball field.

Pardovich was born in Reno and has been playing her whole life.

“I just started when I was really little had fun and enjoyed it, so I stuck with it,” said Pardovich.

She is a third-year veteran on the lowry varsity softball team. Her parents have stayed involved with her all through the years.

“My parents go to all my games, my dad likes to help the team out. He makes sure we have Gatorade for the games and supports us all the way,” said Pardovich.

Softball is not the only thing Pardovich has played at Lowry.

“I used to play basketball,” said Pardovich. She stopped playing it after her sophomore year. “I just decide it wasn’t for me, and I wanted to focus on softball,” explained Pardovich.

She would like to continue playing softball in college.

“I want to go to college and play softball and join the Air Force and hopefully play softball for them,” said Pardovich. “I hope if I keep playing I can play D1 [Division 1].”

Her favorite college league team is the Texas Longhorns, and for Major League Baseball, is the Anaheim Angels.

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