Athlete of the Week: Adam Gray

Athlete of the Week: Adam Gray

By Stephanie Cochrane Posted October 8, 2008

Coach Dawn Lucas proudly explains her decision for Athlete of the Week as someone who is a leader, encourages others and gives the most of themselves. Junior Adam Gray embodies those characteristics and more.

Lucas boasted, “He is giving 100 percent in all practices, he’s pushing his limits and encouraging everyone else on the team to push theirs. Everything he brings is positive.”

Breaking 17 minutes for the three-mile at the Bob Firman Invitational, and placing first in two of the last three meets, seats Gray in an aggressive position to those competing against him.

Lucas confidently said, “I’m really impressed by him; he is doing an awesome job.”

Gray has natural ability and a definite love of the sport. He said he sees cross country remaining part of his life until he dies. Gray likes how the season has progressed.

He said, “I feel good. The season is going excellent and we are right where we need to be right now.”

With the positive attitude and dedication Adam Gray has spread to his team thus far this season, he feels that cross country can win another state this year.

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