Book review: ‘Catching Fire’

Book review: ‘Catching Fire’

By Aimee Brandon Posted November 18, 2013

“Catching Fire”, a sequel to “The Hunger Games”, was a hot seller when it came out on September 9, 2010. “The Hunger Games” entered the New York Times Best Seller list in November 2008.

“Catching Fire” is a continuation of the story in the Hunger Games as Peeta and Katniss go into their lives as victors and begin their Victory Tour to all the Districts. It then goes into the 75th Annual Hunger Games with the 3rd Quarter Quell in which the change in the reaping is that only the names of past victors are put in, sending Peeta and Katniss the star-crossed lover back into the arena with experienced killers. Throughout the book, the rebellion against the Capital is “catching fire”, while the love triangle helps bring the heat with Peeta and Gale fighting for Katniss’ love.

The action-packed, tear-bringing, love-containing, story continues from “The Hunger Games” into “Catching Fire”. It is well written just like the first book and keeps you reading until the last page that will haunt you until you read “Mockingjay” the last book in the series. The book is filled with passion, words can barely describe.

“Catching Fire” the movie is coming to theaters nationwide on November 22, as fans count down the days. If possible read the book before the movie so you can grasp the full beauty of the story.