Frosh volleyball finished season 9-4

Frosh volleyball finished season 9-4

By Alora McClure Posted December 12, 2021

The freshman volleyball team won nine games and lost four games.

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The girls on the team have earned the respect of their coach, Cassandra Jenkins.

“I couldn’t be more proud of the gains my team has shown this season,” said Jenkins. “This group of girls came to me after having played no volleyball (or any sport for that matter) since their 7th-grade year. The start of the season was a bit rough, but I knew it would be and just set my mind and their minds that above all we were going to have a fun season.”

Jenkins had to miss a few games this year, but still tremendously helped the team.

“All I could ask for is more time, but as part of the coaching staff, I’ll get to see and be part of these girls’ growth and improvement throughout the next three years as part of the Lady Bucks,” said Jenkins.

Although there were still some COVID issues, the girls had a season similar to their 7th-grade season.

“My favorite parts of this season were all the memories during bus rides and overnight trips, playing, of course, and making new friendships,’’ said Makenna Garcia. ”Something hard about playing this year was learning everything again because we had an off-year.”

It was the first year playing for some of these girls in general so this was the first time they have gone on adventures as a team.

“The overnight games are by far the best part of playing, But when trying to track where the ball is going to go it is a little difficult,” said Bailey Fetterly.

All of the players have had great experiences throughout the season and enhanced the way they play as a team.

“Spending time with the team and improving a lot in volleyball was great but I was bummed when we had some games canceled,” said Cecilia Fregoso-Rivas.

Fregoso-Rivas, Fetterly, and Garcia all plan on playing next season. They all thoroughly enjoyed playing this season. This will be a season they never forget.