Girls JV face little trouble with Railroaders

Girls JV face little trouble with Railroaders

By Justin Albright Posted April 10, 2012

On March 29 the Lowry JV softball team had its first home game of the season as they faced off against the Carlin Railroaders. The girls won the first game 26-0 as they faced little trouble from the feeble Railroaders. In the second game, the Lady Bucks were able to one-up the score in the first game and win 27-0.

Allison Barron said, “Our Pitchers were doing really good and the other team didn’t hit much.”

Taylor Schwartz pitched the first game and did an excellent job. In the second game, the Bucks had a different pitcher but basically had the same results, as Kylee McClellan held the Railroaders scoreless.

“We were hitting really well in both games and we pretty much just dominated,” said Barron.

The Bucks were able to turn a double play in the Carlin game as Alyssa Dendary fielded the ball at short-stop and threw it to Allison Barron at first base, who then threw it to Jaecee Munger at third base.

The Bucks have another home game on April 7, as they face off against a league opponent in Elko.

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