Varsity baseball defeats Wendover, 51-0

By Taylor LaTray Posted April 11, 2012

On March 17 Lowry’s baseball played a magnificent game against West Wendover. They creamed them proving that Lowry has yet another great sports team in it to win it. The first game finished with a mind-blowing score of 51-0.

According to coach Ron Espinola they’ve played exceedingly well at times and poorly at times. It’s been extremely inconsistent. Tyler Brumm, Jace Billingsley, Brandon Okuma, and Brandon Eastman all stood out against West Wendover with record-setting games.

The boys had a bad season start but this game definitely proved that the boys have a lot of potential to go farther, possibly to state.

“We need to be more diligent about how we practice and carry to the game what we work on in practice. We were fortunate enough to have a really outstanding game where everything we hit went between their defense,” said Espinola.

The second game didn’t provide quite the score difference, but Lowry still had quite the win over Wendover with a score of 23-3. The boys still have more games to go with a current record of 9 wins and 9 losses with approximately seven more games plus playoffs.

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