Athlete of the Issue: Jace Billingsley

Athlete of the Issue: Jace Billingsley

By Wyatt Lester Posted October 12, 2011

Jace Billingsley has been playing sports all his life. He has participated in football, wrestling, baseball, and countless other sports in his past years.

Jace started playing sports at a young age contributing to Buckaroo wrestling, football, and T-ball. His motivation to play sports came from personal interest, the challenge it gives him, and also the fact that his dad and most of his family had played sports in the past. He said he remembers going up to the high school to watch the wrestlers, football players, basketball players, and every other athlete at Lowry practice or play in games. He always wanted to be just like those players and set out a goal to become just like them.

Now Jace is playing sports at a high school level; football, wrestling, and baseball. He has three wrestling state championships, an all-state title in football and baseball, and many other accolades. When asked what his favorite sport is he said “Football is my favorite because it’s fun and intense.”

He said his most challenging sport is wrestling because of conditioning, the willpower it takes to stay motivated, and when you’re on the mat it’s all up to you. When he plays sports he says he can take all the lessons from athletics and put them into his own life to help him make good decisions and stay on track. Some advice Jace has for all the younger athletes out there: “No matter what you’re going to do, do it to the best of your ability as hard as you can every time so that way when it’s all said and done you will have no regrets.”

After doing his last go-around of high school sports this year Jaces’ plans are to play college football.

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