Athlete of the Issue: Joel Mendoza

Athlete of the Issue: Joel Mendoza

By Brooklyn Thomas Posted December 16, 2009

For this issue of The Brand, Joel Mendoza has been selected as Athlete of the Issue. He was chosen because of his electric personality and exceptional basketball skills.

He is the youngest of six children, he has two sisters and three brothers. He declared his “family is pretty calm, very calm people.” One of Joel’s brothers, Angel, has also played Buckaroo basketball. He stated that Angel is one of his greatest inspirations, especially when it comes to basketball.

“My brother Angel, he taught me how to play when I was young. So he is pretty much my inspiration,” said Mendoza.

“It [Basketball] is the sport I like and have always succeeded in so I just decided to follow that.” Joel chose to focus on Basketball at a young age; it has been a big part of his life for a long time.

“I have been playing for 13 years around there 10-13 years.”

And never had much interest in other sports.

“I’m good at it and I’m not really good at anything else so might as well play something I’m good at,” said Mendoza. “I’m not really into any other sports.”

After high school, he plans on getting a higher education.

Mendoza stated that he has plans “to be an engineer or mechanic,” or if he gets a scholarship “to play at a D2 school.” He either wants to go to UNR or go to Arizona for college. He hopes he gets to play basketball at the college level.

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