Athlete of The Week: Diego Contreras

Athlete of The Week: Diego Contreras

By Allison Green and Danielle Scott Posted September 26, 2021

Coach Joshua Wirthlin selected Diego Contreras from his JV soccer team as Athlete of the Week. Wirthlin explains that Contreras is a very cooperative player and is always ready to lend a helping hand. 

“It doesn’t matter what I tell him to do, what position to play, he does it without question,”  said Wirthlin.

Diego is a team player and does not let anything stop him from being able to participate.

“Mental toughness, great character, and he gets along with all of his teammates without fighting or bickering,” said Wirthlin. “He understands the aspects of the game and knows how to move.” 

Other than his passion for soccer, he also enjoys being around his teammates.

“I enjoy making a goal or helping an assist because it makes me excited to see others score,” said Contreras.

According to Contreras, he has not faced many challenges while playing JV Soccer throughout the season, however, he is open to working on any challenge he faces.

“I’ve never really had any hardships, but if I were to I would work on it,” said Contreras.

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