Brayden Dennis announced as Athlete of the Week

Brayden Dennis announced as Athlete of the Week

By Chris Gildone Posted May 24, 2021

Mr. Brent Riemersma, the head coach on the junior varsity baseball team, chose Brayden Dennis for his work ethic as Athlete of the Week. 

Dennis is a hard-working athlete. He is a freshman at Lowry and is on the junior varsity team. He also plays with varsity when they need him. Riemersma thinks that he is willing to learn new things. 

“Brayden gives one hundred percent daily at practice,” said Riemersma. “He is very coachable and does what he can to get better each day.”

Riemersma likes how Dennis performs on the field and keeps getting better. He works very hard and it shows by how well he plays. He is the leading batter on the team.  

“He pitches for us and does very well,” said Riemersma. “Most importantly though is his willingness to get better.”

Dennis feels honored that he is Athlete of the Week. He will put work in on his free time to get better. 

“I will usually go out and field with my father or grandfather and get extra reps in,” said Dennis.

He wants to continue his baseball career after high school. 

“Some goals I have is to play ball after high school and play well in it,” said Dennis

Dennis is a leader on the baseball team. He is a role model to the other athletes, just like his dad is to him. 

“My role model is my father since he was a very good ballplayer when he was younger and he is always behind my back whatever I do,” said Dennis.

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