Freshman Jalen Formby wins it for Lowry

By Emily Bonham Posted April 4, 2010

At the Lowry High junior varsity baseball game against Yerington, the Buckaroos came back with victories in both the games of a doubleheader on April 16.

In the first game it started out really slow but picked up by the fourth inning for both teams. Lowry picked up six runs in the fourth inning to make the score 7-3. 

Yerington slowly progressed their score to tie it by the middle of the sixth inning. Then Lowry shot back with three runs. The inning ended with Michael Billingsley grounding out to the second baseman.

In the seventh inning the Yerington Lions could not answer back ending the game with Lowry 10 and Yerington 7.

The second game started out slow until the fourth inning came around. In the fourth inning, Jalen Formby, Daniel Pollock, Brandon Eastman, and David Rodriguez all scored runs for the Lowry Buckaroos making the score 9-7.

With Lowry behind, they really needed to kick it up a notch. They came back in the sixth inning with two more runs. After the top of the seventh inning, Yerington tied the game.

When it was the Buckaroos turn to bat Jordan Rinas scored on a single by Jalen Formby a run and won the game Lowry 10 and Yerington 9.

Formby also picked up the win on the mound.

After the game Coach Don Walton said, “With this group of guys the thing is they like to win and battle, and that’s why they won today.”

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