Halloween just isn’t the same

By Kaity Sample Posted October 16, 2013

When Halloween was mentioned in a room full of small children they began to giggle with excitement. As a kid, we all got excited as the month of October approached.

Halloween was mostly everyone’s favorite holiday as a kid. Our parents would buy us our favorite character costume and we would go out and say the words, “Trick or Treat” multiple times until around 9, receiving our favorite candy and trading the ones we didn’t like with our friends and siblings. All of our views change as we enter high school and become young adults.

Now, as teenagers, we stay out all night with friends. We play pranks on the kids who still dress up. It just isn’t the same as when we were kids.

Halloween changes drastically as we grow older, or at least we think. Halloween doesn’t change, but we do. We all become more mature when Halloween could be a day to be someone who you’re not and play dress up, but society believes that Halloween is a ‘childish’ holiday.

Teens aren’t really into the whole dress-up idea. As we grow up, it’s ‘not cool’ to dress up. Halloween was our favorite holiday as kids, but now as teens, we abuse our privilege to have some good, clean fun. Teens should be able to go out and dress as their favorite hero when they are five.

Halloween isn’t a holiday for just kids; it’s a holiday for everyone.