Lowry Swimming knocks off Fallon and Manogue

Lowry Swimming knocks off Fallon and Manogue

By Wyatt Lester Posted May 8, 2012

Lowry traveled to Northwest pool in Reno on Saturday, April 28 to compete against Manogue and Fallon High Schools in a dual meet. Coming off an excellent win against Wooster, Lowry came to show that they own Northern Nevada’s swimming division.

Some of the best performances were made by Trystan Blouir and Jessica Jensen who were also the selected Swimmers of the Week. Both swam the 500m free and other events. It takes a lot of endurance to accomplish the 500m free.

Final scores showed a powerhouse win over the two teams putting Lowry over Bishop Manogue 137-60 and Churchill County 133-60. For the Lowry girls, it was a final score of 137-123 beating Manogue and a score of 136-85 against Churchill County.

Coach Chris Street said, “The majority of the team has improved, because of that growth we’ve been able to win. At this last meet, every race counted and key techniques such as starts, and flip-turns made a big difference in the end. And another big thing was the fact that we had no DQs. (disqualifications)”

Lowry travels to Reno this coming Saturday to compete in the Zephyr league championships and looks to take home another great performance.

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