What to Watch: ‘Ride Along’

 By Alyssa CampbellPosted January 27, 2014

Now playing is the new movie “Ride Along” with the great Kevin Hart and Ice Cube. The mix of these two great actors proves to be a great comedy. The producer Will Packer, who also produced ‘Think Like a Man’ does not fail in making this a memorable movie.

In this movie, the two characters Ben (Hart) and James (Cube) go on an adventurous 24-hour police ride together in the crime-filled city of Atlanta. This ride is in an attempt for Ben to prove that he is worthy to marry James’ sister. On the ride along, Ben and James have an intense and crazy experience together that makes them have to get to know each other a lot better in both good and bad ways.

This comedy is a must-see and will be very interesting to watch.