FAKE NEWS: Eddie Leon adopts DeAndre Solis as support human

FAKE NEWS: Eddie Leon adopts DeAndre Solis as support human

By Alesha Houston Posted: December 20, 2019

With the noticeable increase of support animals being of almost any species, a man named Eddie Leon has decided to adopt a human, but not just any human; he adopted DeAndre Solis.

Solis has always had the habit of making everyone happy but in particular Eddie Leon.

“Because he knows how to make people happy,” said Leon.

When Leon is feeling blue, Solis forces Leon to take him on a walk.

“When I am feeling down or lonely DeAndre is always there for me,” said Leon. “Sometimes we just go for a walk in the park and he chases squirrels and birds.”

But Leon knew that having a support human would most likely be very expensive, so they came to terms of just loving each other, and their presence.

“He loves me so I don’t have to pay. I just give him breath mints for treats,” said Leon.

DeAndre was ecstatic because he knew that Eddie was looking for a support human. They are the perfect match for each other.

“I always make sure he is OK and he is always happy and to turn that frown upside down,” said Solis.

Having each other has changed their lives, and they will never regret it. Sometimes people just need another person to be there for them instead of an animal.

“Whenever he needs someone I am always there to comfort him to make him feel like he’s not alone,” said Solis. “We pet each other mostly.”

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