Fall TV premieres off a variety of new and old

Fall TV premieres off a variety of new and old

By Brandon Eastman Posted October 12, 2011

This fall, networks such as CBS, Fox, and FX will enjoy the returns of some of their top shows from last year. They will also welcome new shows to their networks that are expected to draw very high ratings. Some of these shows include; “Glee”, “NCIS”, “The Big Bang Theory”, “Two and a Half Men”, “2 Broke Girls”, and “Sons of Anarchy”.

Yet another comedy making a comeback is “Two and a Half Men” which will see some major changes with the addition of Ashton Kutcher and the subtraction of Charlie Sheen but will still receive high ratings because the script is brilliantly written and it is one of the funniest shows airing on TV throughout the year.

The cast of "Glee", which airs on FOX. /Courtesy • facebook.com/Glee
The cast of “Glee”, which airs on FOX. /Courtesy • facebook.com/Glee

“Glee” is a feel-good, musical comedy about a group of eager and ambitious students who are looking to outshine their singing competition to win Nationals. They must memorize songs and dance moves, all the while battling the difficult, drama-filled, exaggerated life that is known as high school.

Another comedy back on air this fall is “The Big Bang Theory” which sees a group of misfit, boastfully intelligent, and somewhat annoying nerd friends always having social troubles because their social skills aren’t exactly up to par.

A new comedy sitcom this season is “2 Broke Girls”, which is a very profane show and there is a very dry sense of humor with a lot of sarcasm. It is about two girls from opposite ends of the social scale who end up working together at a diner. With both of them being completely broke, they come up with a brilliant plan to open a bakery, but they must make money, any way possible before they can begin their journey.

Ashton Kutcher as Walden Schmidt./Photographer /Courtesy • facebook.com/TwoandaHalfMen
Ashton Kutcher as Walden Schmidt./Photographer /Courtesy • facebook.com/TwoandaHalfMen

A few different drama shows will also be airing again this fall. “NCIS” is about a team of detectives with completely different personalities, which makes for a few good laughs in a typical show. This season we can expect to see many new dynamics and crazy situations which always start with the death of a member of the United States Military or terrorism. It will keep you on the edge of your seat and guessing as there are many twists and turns. Also airing is “NCIS: Los Angeles” which is basically the same thing, except a different team and set in L.A.

A show that will be airing on FX is “Sons of Anarchy” which is a drama filled with darkly comedic undertones. It is about a notorious motorcycle gang out of Charming, California who are looking to keep their town free of drug dealers, corporate developers, and overzealous law officers.

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