Drama shines in performance of ‘Frog Prince of Spamalot’

Drama shines in performance of ‘Frog Prince of Spamalot’

By Esmeralda Aguilar Posted December 17, 2008

Lowry Drama’s first production was unveiled on Wednesday, November 19. After weeks of hard work by both the Stagecraft and Drama classes, the realization of the play was completed. The play’s title, “The Frog Prince of Spamalot”, promised fun and entertainment for the night.

The plot followed a frog named Hyronomous A. Frog, played by Brad Pearce, who wants to become a human. After being informed by a warlock that, in order to become a human, he must be kissed by a maiden, Hyronomous sets off to the land of Spamalot. Hyronomous in the hope of finding a princess who can break the spell. Yet, in the midst of his adventure, Hyronomous discovers that his mission will not be as easy as he thought.

In the play, only one person is able to look past the frog’s ugly, clumsy appearance. Delphinium (Caitlen Thompson), a handmaiden of the princesses of Spamalot befriends Hydronomous. In the end, it is a kiss from Delphinium that breaks the spell.

Lindsey Steepleton, who played Princess Gladiola, said of the play, “I just thought it went really well; we had a great ensemble of new actors and the performance was awesome.”

The crowd’s reaction to each performance of the play confirmed Steepleton’s remark. Some crowd-pleasing moments included the dinner scene, in which Hyronomous pretends to be an aunt of the princesses and accidentally puts a pie in Princess Gladiola’s face, and the rap/dance scene done by Sir Lancelot Pancelot (played by Joey Lester). In this scene, Pancelot brags about how incredibly brave he is, while the castle’s waiter (Ronnie Joe Schofield) beatboxes.

Stagecraft and Drama teacher, Mrs. Kennedy, was highly satisfied with the outcome of the play. “Anytime the crowd reacts it’s good,” stated Kennedy. She impressed with the performance because, even though most of the actors were new, it went exceptionally well. Kennedy has big expectations for the next act and hopes to see a show even better than this one.

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