Freshman girls basketball opens season

Freshman girls basketball opens season

By Taylor LaTray & Jessie Shirrick Posted December 14, 2011

The freshmen girl’s basketball team has a long season ahead of them, but is expected to do well by their coach Clay Sagers. The goals for this year’s team are to improve in every game and to become close like a family.

“Our season has been going good, although one of our main starters has suffered an injury, otherwise it’s going good because we work well together and we’re a very good team,” said Megan Lombardi. “Our team goal is to grow as a team and be more dependant on each other, so we can improve every game.”

Coach Sagers expects the girls to try their best at every practice and game; to give their full effort. He hopes that they are not afraid of making mistakes when they are trying hard and to continually improve. Even against their biggest competitors, Elko, he expects them to do great.

“Things are going great so far. It’s fun and we work well together. Coach Sagers is a very good coach, he has us run plenty of plays and defense, and we’re definitely improving,” said Dani Ricker

Dani Ricker takes the ball down the court during practice. /Marc Esquivel • The Brand
Dani Ricker takes the ball down the court during practice. /Marc Esquivel • The Brand

“I am really excited about the girls that we have on this team. I feel that we have a lot of talent and they are willing to work hard. We are all learning together and we’re going to have a fun and successful year,” said coach Clay Sagers.

The girls had a pretty fair weekend at their tournament in Lovelock last weekend. Although they lost their first game 38-34; they battled back to get two wins.

“We came back with a burst of confidence for our second game,” said Jasmyne Herrera.

They won their second game with a landslide of 56-24.

“We blasted through our last game with a score of 17-14,” said Herrera.

They will be back in action on Saturday, December 17 against North Valleys High School.

Roster: Herrera, Jasmyne; Ricker, Danielle; Michael, McKenzie; Tyree, Katherine; Espinoza, Estefany; Lombardi, Megan; Smith, Sarah; Landa, Joann; Anicker, Jasmine; Ramirez, Nicole; Boucher, Courtney.

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