Game Review: ‘Halo 4’

By Trenton Smith Posted May 29, 2012

At the end of “Halo 3” (after beating it on the highest difficulty level; legendary) we saw John-117 (almost always referred to as the “Master Chief”) and Cortana (an artificial intelligence, or A.I., who aides him in his adventures) floating toward an unknown planet after their ship, the U.N.S.C. Frigate “Forward Unto Dawn” tries to flee the explosion from the destruction of one of the massive ring-world megastructures known as Halos. The front half manages to escape the explosion in a slip-space portal. The last half isn’t able to make it and the Master Chief and Cortana are left freezing and waiting for rescue. This is where “Halo 4” begins, starting a new trilogy.

Hiram Howell said that “Halo is a great franchise and he plays it every day.” He’s so excited for Halo 4 that he has already pre-ordered it. He thinks that Halo 4 will be “as good and better than the old Halo game(s).” He said that it will “outdo Call of Duty” in sales. I asked him for something “a little more realistic” (because Halo is only for the Xbox 360), he said, “it will be the biggest sale of the year.”

Replacing Bungie as the head developer(s) of the Halo video game series, 343 Studios is going to remake the classic Halo formula of gaming excellence from the ground up. Literally. They are redoing everything about the Halo series-from the music to the sound effects. The story is going to be a lot darker and completely new compared to the former war between the Covenant and humanity. Fans of Halo will see their favorite battle rifle, officially named the MA37 Assault Rifle, return. However, just like almost everything else, it is getting a pretty significant makeover.

Not much has been released about “Halo 4,” but a new preview, still not showing too much about the game itself, has shown two of the multiplayer maps that will be featured in the game. Warehouse is a huge military base centered around the construction of a massive mech. The other level is called the Wraparound. It is a symmetrical map surrounded definitely designed for a lot of vertical movement and action.

“Halo 4” will also answer a few simple, yet big questions, like why do Spartans wearing blue armor and (more) Spartans in red armor always fighting each other, and vice versa? They’re both humans, right? I know that I want to know things like that.

A lot of the more important details will probably get released later in the year, just before November 6, the date set for the start of yet another epic “Halo” trilogy begins with the release of “Halo 4,” so we will have to wait until around that time for more great tips of the game are released. I hope you all are excited as I am to see “Halo 4” in action, not just in a bunch of screenshots.

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