Ghost Encounters

Ghost Encounters

By Taylor LaTray Posted December 14, 2011

Lowry and our own hometown of Winnemucca are having unexplained mysteries with unknown and unseen people, and we are not the only ones. Whether the paranormal reality of ghosts is hiding in the halls of Lowry, the underground tunnels, or your own home, they’re all around us.

In a study on American Piety from Baylor University researchers found that 37 percent of those surveyed believed places can be haunted. Almost 20 percent believed it is possible to communicate with the dead, and 13 percent believe in psychics such as astrologers, palm readers and fortune-tellers. Most popular books and television series are based upon ghosts and people find these things intriguing because they do have a curiosity and belief in ghosts. Popular shows such as “American Horror Story”, “Ghost Whisperer”,” Ghost Adventures”, etc.

Many encounters with young teens as well as our older generation have been talked about often. But, are these ghosts to blame or is it the crazy imagination of the people of Winnemucca? You be the judge.

“We use EMFs, voice recorders, copper rods, etc. I do believe in ghosts, but I think there can be residual haunting, and some spirits such as family members who just don’t’ want to go,” said Christy Bell.

“I’ve personally heard things, seen pictures, orbs and shadows. I don’t think ghosts haunt you but I believe in ideas such as those in “Polar Express” where you have to believe to hear the bell ring, you also have to believe and be open to ghosts for something to happen. As of ever proving ghosts…….there have been sounds, and video and pictures, what else is it? It’s ghosts,” said Christy Bell who is a part of the Northern Nevada Ghost Hunters Association, the Winnemucca division.

In an informal poll about ghost encounters that truly spooked them, the replies were astonishing. Out of 10 students, 6 of them said they do believe in ghosts and have had an encounter. For adults, 4 out of 10 said they also believe in ghosts and have had encounters. That’s half who were surveyed. Many of the teens and adults that were interviewed shared their thoughts on ghosts, and stories of their encounters, here’s what they had to say.

Savannah Montero. /Winnada
Savannah Montero. /Winnada

“I do believe in ghosts, both good and evil, due to past experiences. These people or things that haunt others because they can’t move on,” said Nick Lujan, “I saw a hooded man standing in my doorway through the reflection of my fridge once and it was terrifying. Ghosts love me, what can I say?.”

“We (me and several friends) decided to stay at Humboldt Printers where a man once hung himself. We were calling ghosts and throughout the night creepy sounds and shadows kept occurring,” said Savannah Montero. “While in a circle with candles lit in the middle, we suddenly heard a loud bang followed by footsteps. It was the middle of the night and we continually saw different events leading to crowding in corners, sleeping bags caught on fire and crying. I believe this was paranormal activity of ghosts and that ghosts are people who died but haven’t left due to old business.”

You don’t need to be a scientist to search for ghosts. Anyone can have a so-called haunting or encounter from a ghost and tell your story. But, when it comes down to it ghosts can not be proven, you can use different evidence from EMF reading, a photograph, sounds caught on the recording to show evidence, but this evidence is unexplainable. There has to be something that causes this evidence but whether or not it is a ghost can not be explained, but if it is not a ghost then what is it?