Jessie’s Journal

Jessie’s Journal

By Jessie Schirrick Posted December 14, 2011

There are not enough Christmas movies to go around. The movies get more similar all the time. There are like two new Christmas movies every year and most of the time they’re sequels to previous movies or a new take on an old movie. They should just stop making them because there’s enough of them in the world and it’s troubling that movie producers will run out of ideas.

How come I don’t know anybody who makes calendars? I am not even sure what calendar a makers’ technical name is. But you never meet someone that says, “Hi, I’m Jill, I’m a calendar maker.” Who even uses calendars anymore? It’s not like you don’t have them on your phone.

I think CDs are going out of style what with iPods and such. CDs are like wrapping paper; they’re not a necessity, but people buy them anyway because they’re shiny. It’s not even a big deal if a new band releases a CD. It’s not like a majority of their albums are going to be bought physically. They are going to be bought on iTunes or an illegal music-sharing website which is much more convenient than iTunes.

The dentist gives you the option of having glow-in-the-dark bands around your brackets. They don’t work. I ran into my mirror because I was sitting in the darkness of my room trying to see them. It was heartbreaking.

Testing weeks with half days should be a time for students to sit and think about life because I didn’t know what my next class was the whole time and it would’ve saved me a lot of trouble.

When people go to the movie theater alone I can’t help but wonder what’s wrong with them. Maybe they do it for the reward of the humiliation from seeing a movie alone. If so, then I can assure those solo-movie goers that there is a better way to get a rush. Like zipping, and that’s something that you can actually benefit from.

I have leg cramps in my sleep. I sleepwalk too because I’ll fall asleep in one place and then wake up in another and not know how I got there. I slept with the TV on until I was in eighth grade because I was afraid of the dark.

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