Senior Dedications

Senior Dedications

By Taylor LaTray Posted May 30, 2012

It’s nothing new that every year we lose a large group of people we’ve become attached to. It never becomes easier for these students to graduate and normally leave their friends behind, nor is it easier for the other students of Lowry to say their goodbyes. We all have at least one senior whom we don’t want to go to. This is a written goodbye to those who will venture out on a new life, forever in our hearts, this is our message to you.

To Jace Billingsley “It Was a Good Day” From Alec Mayo
To Bret Hammon “God Gave Me You” From Kelsey Killpack
To Keyra Perez “Computer Love” From Omar Garcia
To Ricardo Ruiz “Wild Boy” From Jose Mendoza
To Turrell Jensen “Be Like That” From Tytin Johnson
To Fergie Herrera “Fergalicous” From Tytus Millikan
To Daniel Mahon “You are My Sunshine” From Savannah Ingram
To Heather Mcelvain “Call Me Maybe” From Ereanna Higbee
To Jordan Rinas “Forget You” From Josh Shaver
To Melanie Vance “Space Bound” From Justin Albright
To Matt Jones “You’re Beautiful” From Turrell Jensen
To Kim Garcia “Sing” From Jolyn Garcia
To Bryan Noble “Mr.Roboto” From Tyler Brumm
To Kade Mader “One Time” From Savannah Montero
To Nic Velasquez “ E.T.” From Kelvin Meza
To Quinn Norcutt “Mudd Diggers” From Jeremiah Maestrejuan
To Sean Whitlock “Smile” Rick Baker
To Ryan Kracaw “Stuntin’ like Mufasa” From Beau Billingsley
To Chase Estes “Momma’s Boy” From Sienna Beal

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