Timeless Music: The Beatles

By Karen Esparza Posted January 25, 2014

With all this rap, techno, and pop plaguing the ears of the population, it is no wonder that so many are deprived of real music. Some music is so influential, so inspiring, and so iconic that it lasts through the decades, never going out of style, never becoming outdated. Few artists can be classified into this category, but a band that not only meets but excels in these requirements is The Beatles.

They were the Fab Four that changed the course of music history. They are the kings of re-invention and of writing music that can be enjoyed by all ages. The band composed of John Lennon, Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, and George Harrison, was founded in 1960 in Liverpool. Whether it’s “Let It Be”, “Nowhere Man”, “Oh Darling”, “All You Need is Love”, “Hey Jude”, or even “I Am the Walrus”, every Beatles song was brilliantly written and performed. I began listening to The Beatles at a very young age because my dad would play their albums non-stop. I knew the entire Love album by heart at age six and Yellow Submarine cannot play to this day without me joining in.

Let’s not kid ourselves; The Beatles was the biggest band on the planet, period. Having sold over one billion records, The Beatles is the number one best-selling artist. These four men will always be considered one of the greatest acts of all time. Every person should experience The Beatles, so take turns off that racket bumping in your headphones and give good music a chance.