Artist of the Year: Anna Mellen

Artist of the Year: Anna Mellen

By Jolyn Garcia Posted May 30, 2012

Senior, Anna Mellen, began her art career by taking Art I during her freshman year. Mellen took this class “for the humanities credit. But I enjoyed it and found my niche.”

Her art teacher, Andy Anderson, chose her to be Artist of the Year because “She’s risen above the other students in her enthusiasm for art. Also for her eagerness to study art in college and because her dedication to go above and beyond on every single assignment. No other student has done that. She just Chuck Norris’s it.”

Mellen has taken an art class all four years that she has attended Lowry High School. After taking two years of basic art, Anna chose to take Advanced Art for her last two years.

When asked what her favorite medium is, Mellen replied, “Clay, I’m a sculptor. Clay is easy to work with and you need skill to do it. You can’t just throw it together and end up with something.”

Anderson added, “She is especially talented in ceramics. Anna is what we call a well-rounded artist.”

On May 16, Anna Mellen received a medallion for being the overall art student of the year. When asked about her thoughts on winning this award Mellen says, “It surprises me. It validates my hard work. It makes me happy that my art has influenced people.”

After high school, Mellen plans on being special a effects makeup artist and a prop designer.

“It combines my love of sculpting with an actual job for it,” Mellen said, “I don’t want to be a starving artist just yet.”

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