Ben’s World Series pick: Dodgers over Yankees

Ben’s World Series pick: Dodgers over Yankees

By Ben Norfolk Posted March 3, 2010

AL East: Boston Red Sox

The Red Sox were knocked out of the playoffs by the Angles. The Boston picked up former Angel John Lackey. Josh Beckett, Lackey, Jon Lester and Clay Buchholz are four of the Red Sox starters. They also picked up Adrián Béltre and Mike Cameron to solidify their defense.

AL Central: Detroit Tigers

The Tigers lost to the Twins in a one game playoff. Every team in the AL central is good, this makes the league very tough. Justin Verlander is the main threat of the Tigers starting pitching rotation.

AL West: Texas Rangers

The Rangers finished the season ten games back. Rich Harden Former Cub, Rich Harden, and Colby Lewis who has returned from Japan are now pitching for the Rangers

AL Wild Card: New York Yankees

The Yankees are hoping to win their 28th World Series. They still have a strong defense and a great offense too. Javier Vazquez, CC Sabathia, AJ Burnett, and Andy Pettitte are the main threats in the Yankees pitching rotation.

NL East: Philadelphia Phillies

The Phillies are hoping for a repeat trip to the World Series. Roy Halladay is going to be a major part of the Phillies pitching rotation. Ryan Howard and Jayson Werth are looking for another great season.

NL Central: Chicago Cubs

The Cubs finished 7.5 games back last season. Marlon Byrd is playing center field this season. Derrek Lee is hoping to have another great season. Carlos Zambrano is leading a strong starting pitching rotation.

NL West LA Dodgers

The Dodgers won the NL West last season and are looking like they are going to repeat. The rest of the MLB is worrying about starting pitcher Clayton Kershaw. The Dodgers are looking to make a strong push for the playoffs again this season.

NL Wild Card: SF Giants

The San Francisco Giants are going to be a major part of the NL this season. Tim Lincecum had a great season and he is only going to improve more this season. The Giants have a good defense too. Shortstop, Edgar Renteria, is getting a little old but he can still play some ball.

The Yankees will be the AL champions and the Dodgers will win the NL. However, the LA will deny the New York Yankees a repeat when Joe Torre gets revenge against his former team.

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