Movie Review: ‘Sherlock Holmes’

By Camille Lyon Posted January 14, 2010

Usually, the common mystery story involves Sherlock Holmes uncovering seemingly impossible details. This new movie is of the same storyline, but it provides more action for its viewers.

Director Guy Ritchie portrays Holmes as a crude, unkempt, obsessive-compulsive genius played by Robert Downey Jr. London turns to Holmes and his accomplice Dr. Watson, played by Jude Law, for help when they feel the crime is beyond their services. The story takes place in 1891 when the villain Lord Blackwood sends the entire city into a panic. Blackwood uses black magic in his plots and Holmes tries to undermine his strategies and disprove Blackwood’s methods with his own logical reasoning. The story centers on Blackwood’s main scheme to take over London. Along with this, Holmes and Watson run into other subplots. An old friend from Holmes’ past, Irene Adler played by Rachel McAdams, aids Holmes in his efforts and also brings forth more mystery.

The constant witty remarks between Holmes and Watson and discrete details keep the audience intrigued in what will happen next. This action-packed mystery offers entertainment and comedy anyone may enjoy.

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