Tessa Ward: “New to Lowry”

Tessa Ward: “New to Lowry”

By Brittany Nielsen Posted March 3, 2010

This year there are many new faces that you may have seen in the hallways at Lowry; one of those faces is Senior Tessa Ward.

Tessa moved here from Montana, where she lived for 17 years and 10 months, she has lived in Winnemucca for 2 months 6 days and 32 seconds. She has two older sisters, one named Kristen who is a professional cheerleader for the Sacramento Kings, and one named Cynthia, a professional kite flyer. She also has a little brother named Michael who attends the junior high. What she misses most about Montana are the skyscrapers and the beaches, but the one thing she likes about Winnemucca is the bowling alley, “they make some good pizza.”

Some of Tessa’s hobbies include horseback riding on the beach, and flying kites. Tessa’s sister Cynthia introduced her to kite flying and now it is one of her favorite pastimes. “I love flying kites.”

After high school Tessa is going to go to Great Basin College and “start strong there and then go to NASA school; the school for the smart and intelligent.”

If she could improve something in Lowry it would be “to have my own floating water fountain and to have horse stables.”

A place that Tessa has traveled to is the North Pole “to try and find Santa.” She says that she wasn’t able to find him but she did find his workers.

Some goals Tessa has set for herself are to become the first lady to land on Mars and win the Red Bull glider competition.

Note: This is fictitious. Can you guess who this really is?

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