Wrestlers win second straight state championship and academic state title

Wrestlers win second straight state championship and academic state title

By Brooklyn Thomas Posted March 3, 2010

This 2010 wrestling season has gone according to plan. The team took 18 wrestlers to Las Vegas to compete for the 3A State Championship and took their second state title in a row with a score of 226.5 points, and tying an old record of 12 state title wins.

“Breaking records is what Lowry is about,” said Paeden Underwood.

Five Buckaroo wrestlers lost in the first round; Cesar Moreno 130s, Mark Hamry 145s, Dylan Ongert 171s, Christian Perez 275s, and Juan Zepeda 215s.

They lost five more in the second round; Daniel Pollock 103s, Bobby Marley 125s, Jake Maga 135s, Ivan Ramirez 275s, Cody Anderson 189s. Maga and Marley advanced in the consolation bracket to finish third.

Eight wrestlers went on to the championship round; Eddie Poole 112s, Mitch Pollock 119s, Gus Duncan 130s, Jace Billingsley 140s, Skylyr Bleck 152s, Michael Billingsley 160s, Ryan Nelson 171s, Paeden Underwood 215s. Six have become 2010 state champions, Mitch Pollock, Duncan, Jace Billingsley, Bleck, Michael Billingsley, and Underwood.

According to Underwood, this is the most individual state champions Lowry has ever had.

The team is proud of how the season has gone. “It [The Season] puts us as an elite wrestling program,” said Maga.

Next year the Lowry High School wrestling will still be a force to be reckoned with.

“There are good eighth-graders coming up, Lowry is going to be a great team for years to come,” said Maga.

The wrestlers are losing 10 seniors Lane Barton, Bleck, Jacob Brennan, Ryan Dufurrena, Adam Gray, Hamry, Maga, Trenten Montero, Underwood and Zepeda.

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